Tomàs Barceló and the power of sculptural language in 3 questions

Mallorca based artist Tomàs Barceló’s sculpture practice over the years has created its own dazzling language that pieces together traditional and fantastic elements. He took our 3 question survey and let us know more about his work.

Can you name three feelings or ideas that you like to touch upon your work?

To answer quickly I would tell you that the Presence, the Transcendence and the Volume. If I had to extend myself further, I would tell you that what I try to convey in my works can only be expressed in sculptural language, and not in words.

What is the one thing you’d like people to know about youand/or your work?

How powerful sculptural language can be. The aesthetic experience that can be felt before a statue (in reality, not in a photo) is one of the most extraordinary things that I have ever experienced.

Is inspiration a “must” or a “myth”? 

I think it is a combination of duty and myth. You have to be very constant and demanding in your daily work, and know how to create without inspiration, from feeling and reason. But I have to admit that sometimes (very rarely) something magical happens and you may be able to create something much bigger than yourself.