A Mixtape For You #11: Bruce Cawdron (Esmerine)

Even if they are not able to come and perform in Turkey, your fellow musicians and DJs from around the world, who have been here before have messages for you. Although the cultural life in country came to some sort of a halt, know that their music and thoughts are with us. Music is unity; it heals, gives hope, recognises no boundaries and is universal. So we start sharing their messages and the mixtapes they prepared especially for you. In hopes and dreaming of beautiful days…

A Mixtape For You #11: Bruce Cawdron (Esmerine)

I tried to cover global manipulation (whether thru economy, race, religion, or any of the thousands of other reasons),  people’s frustration at their circumstances, need to migrate in search of better lives, sadness and homesickness for homes and people lost along the way (in anyone’s life), and ways we all try to let go and move on and along. Neverforgetting that nature takes us back to our true selves…


Photo: Aylin Güngör / 2016 / Cappadox

1- Blue Jay – Magical bells (Stereo) NY
2- Fucked Up – Queen Of Hearts
3- Amerika – Trick Daddy
4- Replikas – Panayır Günü
5- Buffy Sainte-Marie – Qu’appelle Valley Saskatchewan
6- Bob Dylan – Workingman’s Blues #2
7- The Mahotella Queens – Umculo Kawupheli
8- Hüsker Dü – Divide and Conquer
9- Toumani Diabate & Sidiki Diabete – Lampedusa
10- Langston Hughes – Simple Prays A Prayer
11- Yellow-billed Cuckoo – Coo song FL
12- Buffy Sainte-Marie – Ain’t No Time for the Worryin’ Blues

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