A Mixtape For You #31: Gyda Valtysdottir

Our fellow musicians and DJs from around the world, who have to been Turkey or took place in Bant Mag.’s pages before, have some mixtapes and messages for you! In hopes and dreaming of beautiful days…

A Mixtape For You #31: Gyda Valtysdottir

I just came back from performing in Istanbul. Even for the intense undercurrent I was met with the same magic and love I always find here. I’ve risen in love many times in this city and did this time as well
which effected the gravity of song falling into this mix.

– Gyða Valtýsdóttir

Photo: Aylin GüngörAugust, 2012 / Arkaoda / İstanbul

1- Aaron Roche – Supreme Monument
2- Bach – Aria (Glenn Gould)
3- The Cure – Love (John Lennon cover)
4- múm – Moon Pull
5- Vashti Bunyan – Love Song
6- Karon Dalton – Something on Your Mind
7- Everly Brothers – All I Have To Do Is Dream
8- Alice Coltrane – Radhe Shyam
9- Jim O’Rourke – Women Of The World
10- Sufjan Stevens – All Delighted People