"Everything comes from my imagination": Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Finnish synth pop musician Jaakko Eino Kalevi has answered our questions a week before his show in Salon İKSV, İstanbul.

Interview by Cem Kayıran

You’re working on a new record these days. What kind of changes should we expect from the upcoming record?

Very hard to say since the album is still in process. I am very curious about this question myself. One thing I can say is that I´m making intrumental electric piano demos of the songs for the first time. Maybe that will have some kind of an effect. Also, I’m writing and recording in a studio for the first time. Let´s see!

I really enjoy the remix you made for Apothek’s “Working For The Thunder”. If you had a chance to pick a musician / producer to make a remix for one of your songs, who would that be and which song would you pick?

I would choose Clams Casino for my song “Deeper Shadows”.

I feel like when it comes to songwriting, you start to build the ideas around a concept or a theme. How would you describe the role of your imagination in your songwriting process?

I guess everything comes from my imagination. I usually have some kind of an idea of the song and then i start to build around it. Could be a drum beat, bass line or a piece of melody.

Also when it comes to your visuals and music videos, there are signs of an unique approach of absurdity and fantasy.  What kind of bond you see between your musical and visual approaches?

I haven´t really been directing the latest videos of mine but I like the fantasy element very much. I guess it is in the music since it goes to the visuals as well.