Good Taste: No Faith

Manifestation of the fantastic world – Another project by extreme music man Will Killingsworth who has been associated with underground hardcore acts such as Orchid, Ampere, Vaccine and Bucket Full of Teeth. The new No Faith album offers all qualities of the powerviolence genre, which started to present a new perspective for hardcore starting from early 90’s. It may not be the record that you will possibly turn on in your apartment or in your car, but it definitely gives you the taste of a band that has a style. If you listen to it as a sound, a mathematical grid or a manifestation of the fantastic world that fictionalises the setting it was created, you will make the best of it.

Illustration by Selin Çınar

*Text by Alper Erkut is a script from a review originally published on Bant Mag. No: 58, published in July-August 2017.