Letters from musicians: Jane Weaver

As it’s been a whole year under the pandemic conditions, we reached out to a number of musicians to hear about their varying feelings, realities and experiences. From the ones who replied us back, we collected letters. We are publishing these letters one by one. 

Having released her new album Flock through Fire Records on March 5, Jane Weaver replies us below. 

It’s been a whole year under the pandemic conditions. How has your work been affected?

I was 2/3 of the way through recording the album and had to just stop, it was sad to do this because I had to do my vocals and mix to finish. I had time to change stuff at home and didn’t go back into the studio then until the summer. Not doing concerts has been quite upsetting too, it’s so unusual to not be playing or attending a festival! I’ve been very busy though finishing and doing all the assets for the album so I’m not complaining.

How has your personal experience been in terms of “adaptation”?

Working a lot more from home it’s pretty tough, the kids home schooling, my husband working and recording plus me… I’m happy we have a house, but we also need some space! I’m sick of the increase in domestic chores though, it’s so boring and monotonous.

What are your demands?

I just want things to go back to normal life now, I’m feeling tired of the same routine.

How has it affected your approach to music in general?

It’s certainly made me more grateful to have music and be able to make it, and releasing a record has given me a lot of joy.

How traceable is it in your recent work?

The songs definitely turned out better for having more time to finish them and mix, a strange twist of fate, but listening to each part of the process without rushing has its benefits.

What is your main motivation?

I hear songs in my head and I’m compelled to record them still! I’m grateful that I have a record deal and work with a great bunch of people who encourage me and help bring things to life, but it’s important to just carry on whatever the weather.

“I hope we can protest more and encourage real change as it’s needed urgently.”

What has this past year taught you? 

That I really really miss some people but there are others who perhaps I’ve benefitted from not seeing!

Besides the pandemic, what other key changes had effect on you as a musician? 

The hospital and key workers who have risked and sometimes lost their lives is totally heart breaking, they are all heroes and deserve to be paid better too. There’s so many sad stories, especially those leading to the BLM movement, I hope we can protest more and encourage real change as it’s needed urgently.

What pisses you off most? 

Facebook and some media outlets – they need to be more responsible about the content they allow to circulate that incites hatred and violence.

Where do you see hope? 

Most people in the world are good! And the younger generations are so smart too, they are really concerned about climate change and equality and want to make the world a better place.

This interview is originally published in Turkish in Bant Mag. No: 74, our special music issue.