A Mixtape For You #1: Will Oldham

Believing in the uniting and healing power of music and arts, we asked the musicians, bands and dj’s from around the world to make mix tapes for you. Because even if they are not able to be here or perform here at the moment due to the current situation, we wanted you to know that their music and thoughts are with us. Since this call we experienced so many things that we ran out of thoughts, words and power. As we once said ‘’We think we must continue sharing and spreading the things we love and believe to be beautiful.’’ And today we say, how many times more can we repeat that we have no other remedy than doing what we do best. How many times more can we find shelter in music, cinema, arts, and literature? The answer is clear as a day: until the very end! That’s why we think it’s the right time to share with you the mixtapes coming from our fellow musicians. We will be sharing these lists made by many musicians day by day, and we will be continuing that when the new ones are added to the list. Longing for the democratic life, free of oppression and any sort of coup d’etat, we believe this is a good time to find shelter in the bounds we created with people from all over the world, by using music as a bridge.

A Mixtape For You #1: Will Oldham

Dear Turkey,

Please find in this compiled coded collection
Some density and chaos,
But not too much I hope,
And some open space
Some voices that are familiar and so: bolstering
And some voices and sounds that knock a hole for outsideness to find its way into what I imagine to be an often hard and stifling environment.

Thank you for your music,

Will Oldham
(“Bonny Billy”)

Photo: Aylin Güngör / İstanbul / November 27, 2002 / Babylon 

1- Jim Pepper – Witchitai-To
2- Leonard Cohen – Tonight Will Be Fine (Live At Isle of Wight Festival 1970)
3- Lou Reed – Gimme Some Good Times
4- Wipers – When It’s Over
5- Michael Hurley – Lo Bonney
6- Mickey Newbury – I Don’t Love You
7- The Mekons – Love Letter
8- Deathprod – Dead People’s Things
9- Yusuf – All Kinds Of Roses
10- Buck Curran – Immortal Light

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