A Mixtape For You #9: Damon Krukowski

Even if they are not able to come and perform in Turkey, your fellow musicians and DJs from around the world, who have been here before have messages for you. Although the cultural life in country came to some sort of a halt, know that their music and thoughts are with us. Music is unity; it heals, gives hope, recognises no boundaries and is universal. So we start sharing their messages and the mixtapes they prepared especially for you. In hopes and dreaming of beautiful days…

A Mixtape For You #9: Damon Krukowski

“Dear Istanbul Friends,

I thought I might make you a playlist of peaceful music; or angry music; nostalgic music; or futuristic music. In the end, I simply chose some of my favorite beautiful music. Because what else are we here for, together.”

– Damon (Damon & Naomi – Galaxie 500)

Photo: Aylin Güngör / 2015 / Şirince

1- Baden Powell – Canto De Assanha
2- Bonga – Sodade
3- Caetano Veloso – Maria Bethania
4- Fairport Convention – Tale In Hard Time
5- Leonard Cohen – True Love Leaves No Traces
6- Nick Drake – At The Chime of A City Clock
7- Tim Buckley – Pleasant Street
8- Militon Nascimento And Lo Borges – Tudo Que Você Podia Ser
9- Van Morrison – Streets of Arklow
10- The Impressions & Curtis Mayfield – Wherever He Leadeth Me

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