A Mixtape For You #10: Joey Burns (Calexico)

Even if they are not able to come and perform in Turkey, your fellow musicians and DJs from around the world, who have been here before have messages for you. Although the cultural life in country came to some sort of a halt, know that their music and thoughts are with us. Music is unity; it heals, gives hope, recognises no boundaries and is universal. So we start sharing their messages and the mixtapes they prepared especially for you. In hopes and dreaming of beautiful days…

A Mixtape For You #10: Joey Burns (Calexico) – “Turkish Love”

I have twin daughters are who are 5 years old and when I play music in the kitchen they listen to the mood and the heart of music. They dance around the room or stand on the table and sway to the music making it their own. This reminds me of when I was a child listening to my parents’ vinyl records and doing something similar. The power of music is to transform and transport us not only to places far away but to our deepest personal imagination where there are no borders, no definitions or pessimism. Music is food and I have found some of the most amazing artists and songs from my travels to Turkey. Here are but a few gems and favorites.

“Dinleme ve bana ilham devam için teşekkür ederiz”
– Joey Burns

Photo: Aylin Güngör / 2013 / Salon İKSV / İstanbul

1- Alpay – Seni Dileniyorum
2- Moğollar – Berkay Oyun Havası
3- Grazia – Söyle Beni
4- Erkut Taçkın – Sevmek İstiyorum
5- Zerrin Zeren – Yazık Sana
6- Fikret Kızılok – Leylim, Leylim
7- Arif Sağ – Osman Ehlivan
8-  Zafer Dilek – Yekte
9-  3 Hürel – Sevenler Ağlarmış
10- Erkin Koray – Mesafeler
11- Selda – Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
12- TSU! – Hüzün Deposu

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