A Mixtape For You #27: Bob D'Amico (Sebadoh - Fiery Furnaces - Saqqara Mastabas)

Our fellow musicians and DJs from around the world, who have to been Turkey or took place in Bant Mag.’s pages before, have some mixtapes and messages for you! In hopes and dreaming of beautiful days…

A Mixtape For You #27: Bob D’Amico (Sebadoh – Fiery Furnaces – Saqqara Mastabas)

This playlist and it’s intended theme is not meant for a specific country or region… It’s for everywhere. The division and the double speak and the danger is everywhere, including the USA. An equal partner in this mess is the corporate press.

So, as always, it’s the job of the artist to speak truth to power and see this world for what it really is. There are so few whose intentions and incentives are pure; for me it’s always been music makers. Fight the power!

-Bob D’amico (Sebadoh – Fiery Furnaces – Saqqara Mastabas)

Photo: Aylin Güngör / 2010 / İstanbul

1- Hüsker Dü – Divide & Conquer
2- King Crimson – Elephant Talk
3- Willie Colon & Ruben Blades – Tiburon
4- Minor Threat – Seeing Red
5- Public Enemy – Louder Than A Bomb
6- Minutemen – Little Man With A Gun In His Hand
7- Gilberto Gil – O Sonho Acabou
8- Bad Brains – Coptic Times
9- Charles Mingus – Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting pt. 1
10- Iron Maiden – The Prisoner